Entrancer - Free VSTi Synth

Entrancer – Free VSTi Synth

Entrancer is a free VST instrument synth originally made for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009. Entrancer has 375 wavetables, particularly focused on the 303, however it is polyphonic and has 3 osc. The developer used wavetables from Muon Tau, IL TS-404, Venom VB303, Roland TB303, Cheetah MS-6 analog among others.

It’s a labour of love and damnably frustrating to develop too. There is one singular feature- the ability to sample the output audio stream back into a wavetable. You can generate original soundforms quite easily, just select start and end points, and press the little arrow on whichever osc slot u want to use when in user(U) mode.

Other nice stuff it does- porta while polyphonic, unison, aliasing and anti-aliased oscs, PW & PWM, hard sync, draw form with splines, ASM optimized envelopes, 18 filter types, filter per osc. 4, 3 mode mod sources with ~40 destinations, sequencer with customizable arp and multiple patterns, 6 effects, RM & FM.

Price: Free

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Entrancer – Free VST Instrument Synth

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