DEISK-O - Free Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synthesizer

DEISK-O – Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synthesizer

DEISK-O is a free Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synthesizer VST Instrument.



Single 2 Wave Oscillator Plus External Signal In:
Ext In
Pitch bend sensitivity
Tune control 1 note + / – tolerance
Detune control
Range – Sub / 64′ / 32′ / 16′ / 8′ / 4′
EG Modulation Level Slider
Modulation Delay Level Slider – LFO / EG
PW/PWM Level Slider – Selectable EG / LFO / Manual

LFO Section
Frequency Level Slider
Waveform Select – S/H / Triangle / Pulse
Waveform Mix Control (Between Selected Wave and Sine Wave)

White Noise

Mixer section
Oscillator level slider
Noise level slider

Voltage Controlled Filter Section (improved in update)
Cutoff level slider
Resonance level slider
KBE – Keyboard enhance slider
LFO level slider (pitch)
EG slider (filter)

Switch – Hold / EG

HPF (improved in update)
Level Slider

EG – Envelope Generator Section
Attack Level Slider
Decay Level Slider
Sustain Level Slider
Release Level Slider

Volume Level Slider

External Input Level Control

Pitch Bend Wheel

Power On /Off Switch

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Samsara Cycle Audio / DEISK-O

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