Cynthia Free VST Synth instrument plugin

Cynthia VSTi Synth

Cynthia VSTi Synth is a

  •    3 monophonic oscillators with controls for shape and level of the waveforms, sync and phase-shift

OSC1: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, sine and triangle
OSC2: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, square and triangle
OSC3: Range from 0.015 Hz to 500 Hz, square and triangle

  •     Noise generator
  •     Two audio inputs so you can modify the sound of a guitar or your voice
  •     8 step control voltage sequencer
  •     Attack-hold-decay(-repeat) envelope generator producing a control voltage with adjustable level and bias


  •     A self-oscillating filter (can be used as a sine OSC as well)
  •     3 VCA’s controlled by the envelope generator or control voltages assigned to the output level of each channel
  •     Ring modulator
  •     Spring reverb with short and long spring
  •     Delay (delay time from 0 to 10 seconds)


  •     Tuner for tuning OSC’s by ear
  •     Joystick for extra control
  •     16 x 20 routing matrix with inputs for host MIDI pitch and velocity and inversion of individual connections
  •     MIDI cc’s can be assigned to any knob
  •     Adjustable portamento time
  •     Trigger button for triggering the envelope generator


Info & Download >> ninecows / Cynthia

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