Cybermath - Free wavetable synthesizer instrument

Cybermath – Free wavetable synthesizer instrument

Cybermath is a free wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows.

2 Oscillators that use 2 wavetables that allow you to load and design shapes, this oscillators use phase modulation (what people call FM in most plugins) which means you can create very strange sounds, and bizarre sounds with it, with normal shapes, but the sonics possibilities increase to infinite by the fact you can design any shape…

Each wavetable has an Envelope, which you can access when you click in the typical envelope symbol in the top right corner of the wavetable.

A multi-staged envelope unit, that allow you to create simple attack and release shapes, but also more complex sequences and peaks by adding more points, this can be useful to create riffs type of sounds…

An arpeggiator…

where you can create pretty unique types of sequence and also chords!

8 envelope modulators…

As you can notice, this uses graphical lines exactly like the wavetables, you can imagine this as an LFO unit that allow you to draw shapes attached into a specific sequence of tempo, it can scale the envelope from very fast times like 1/2, till a 32 bar sequence.

8 post-fx modules that can be chained in different positions in order to achieve certain outputs and concepts

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Cybermath

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