Cooly - Free VST Synth Instrument

Cooly – Free VST Synth Instrument

Cooly is a free VST synth that combines a classic analog style oscillator with a SoundFont oscillator to produce cool pads and more.


  • Osc1 has 7 waveforms (sin, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise et pink noise) and is connected to a 4-pole resonant low-pass filter. The cutoff frequency can be modulated by an LFO.
  • The filter has a dedicated envelope (ADSR).
  • Osc2 has 6 waveforms (attack, brass, organ, string, analog, perc).
  • The 2 oscillators share the same amplitude envelope (ADSR) but you can adjust the volume of each oscillator separately.

Cooly comes with 16 cool internal presets. These presets are also available as a standard VST bank file.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Cooly

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