Adonis Pro Free VST Synth instrument plugin

Adonis Pro VSTi Synth

– 4 waveforms with tuning, fine pitch and level.
– These waveforms can be combined by 57 differents structures
using ring-modulations (AM) and FM.
– Harmonics range set.

– Graphical  amplitude envelope up to 8 stages. 3 edition mode: Normal for fast moving stage, High and Ultra for very slow moving. Very usefull for pitch modulating .
– Arpegiator (host sync).
– Keyboard settings such as lowest / highest note, bender…
– Sync between the 2 voices.
– Analog drift : simulate components heat / instability. useful for oldschool sounds or weirds Fx.
– Vibrato via ModWheel and / or Aftertouch.


Info & Download >> bserrano / Adonis Pro

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