Etherealwinds Harp | Free VST / AU Harp Instrument

Etherealwinds Harp | Free VST / AU Harp Instrument by Versilian Studios

Etherealwinds Harp is a Free VST / Audio Unit & Kontakt Harp instrument. The Etherealwinds Harp features the sounds of a diatonic folk harp recorded by the Newgrounds Musician Etherealwind.

This is a sampling of a diatonic folk harp recorded by the Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds. Folk/lever harps differ from their big orchestral brothers by having a smaller range, and additionally by the functionality of their tuning system.

On a pedal harp, the orchestral staple, levers at the base, activated by foot, control all the notes of the same variety (so if you change C to C#, all the C’s are sharped). However, on lever harps, each note has an independent “sharping lever”, which can raise that particular note by a half step.

This system only allows a halfstep of motion- each octave has to be sharpened if it is desired. In addition, the smaller body of the lever harp gives it a different overall tone than their big brothers.

  • Diatonically sampled, 2x RR, 3 velocity layers
  • Celtic Lever/Folk Harp with a delicate, warm tone
  • Full Decays Sampled
  • Played and recorded by Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds




  • At least 2 GB of RAM suggested
  • 334 MB of HD space (Windows)
  • 206 MB of HD space (Mac)
  • DAW supporting VSTi or Audio Units
  • HD speed of 7200 RPM or higher suggested
  • Kontakt Edition (included) requires FULL Kontakt 4 or 5.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Versilian Studios / Etherealwinds Harp

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