V-DJM 2Ch – Free Virtual Dj Mixer VST plugin

V-DJM 2Ch – Virtual Dj Mixer VST

V-DJM 2ch is a free virtual 2 channel mixer with DJ functions. V-DJM 2ch reproduces the best features of the professional DJ mixers in any audio host applications that support VST technology (it was designed specifically for Ableton Live). V-DJM 2ch reproduces the “touch” of real mixers with its realistic design that gives you the sensation of mixing your audio track on a real DJ mixer.

V-DJM 2ch can be used as an internal mixer in your host audio applications with the sound and the feeling of a DJ console. All controls of V-DJM 2ch can be MIDI-mapped and automated.

Features :

  •     2 Ch-Line mixer with slider and eq.
  •     2 Ch-Mic mixer with eq.
  •     4 DJ Effects for Line channels:

Delay with feedback knob and BPM-sync selector.
Filter with Cutoff and Reso Knobs.

  •     LCD display with host BPM.
  •     Cue function for pre-listening.
  •     Cue Level Knob and Cue Mixing knob (Cue/Master).
  •     MIC-Line and MASTER Led-meters.
  •     2 Ch-line Bypass switches.
  •     2 Ch-line Equalization Bypass switches.

Inputs/Outputs :

  •     2 virtual Line Stereo Inputs.
  •     2 virtual Mic Stereo Inputs.
  •     1 Stereo Master Output.
  •     1 Stereo Cue Output.


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