Samploid - Free Rompler VST Instrument

Samploid – Rompler VST Instrument

Samploid is a free Multi-Sampler – a rompler – a synth – a sound modeller and more ALL-IN-ONE. Simply choose a folder on your machine with .wav files in it and it will span them up your keyboard. Now you can romp the sounds, pick one to span as it’s own instrument, add a layer or two of synth sounds to give it some thickness, and you got yourself a dynamic new sound every time.

  • Gate x2 | LFO + MODS x2EQ
  • Chorus | Delay | PitchFilters
  • Noise | Porta | Pan
  • Multi-Sampler | X2 OSC – Synth
  • Span/Romp | Rev
  • LoopADSR’s | Sequencer x2

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Dub Turb / Samploid

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