Romploid - Free Rompler VST Instrument

Romploid – Rompler VST Instrument

Romploid is a free VST rompler – a synth – a sound modeller and more ALL-IN-ONE.

This time you simply choose from 80 or so presets, OR choose from over 100+ samples and start shaping a new sound from scratch! Detune it, add a layer (OR TWO) of synth tones (say a low octave sine for your bass or a high triangle with reverb and echo to add over your piano sample).. . .

  • Gate x2 | LFO + MODS x2EQ
  • Chorus | Delay | PitchFilters
  • Noise | Porta | Pan
  • Multi-Rompler | X2 OSC – Synth
  • Span/Romp | Rev
  • LoopADSR’s | Sequencer x2

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Dub Turbo / Romploid

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