Retrox | Free ROMpler instrument with 80's sounds

Retrox | Free ROMpler instrument with 80’s sounds by BeatMaker

Retrox is a free ROMpler instrument based on 80’s sounds with a simple and direct interface. Retrox includes 13 original sounds created with analog equipment and you have several basic controls like ADSR (now 100% functional) HP/LP Filter or Reverb.

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VASP - Free Vintage Analog Synth Rompler Plugin

VASP – Vintage Analog Synth Rompler Plugin

VASP is a collection of real vintage analog synth samples wrapped in a straightforward plugin interface. VASP is available for both Mac and PC. Compatible with any software supporting AU and VST formats such as Logic Pro, Fruityloops, Ableton Live, Maschine etc.

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Shortcircuit - Free Sampler / Sample Player VST Plugin

Shortcircuit – Sampler / Sample Player VST Plugin

Shortcircuit was created as a reaction against the ongoing trend where software samplers are being designed with the primary intent of library playback. It is intended for people who, like us, consider a sampler to be a musical instrument in its own right, and not just a way to emulate other instruments. It has been a very high priority to make sure that adding and editing individual samples is as fast and logical as possible.

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TAL-Sampler - Free Sample Player VST, Audio Unit & AAX

TAL-Sampler – Free Sample Player

TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It’s a full featured analog modeled synthesizer with a sampler engine as sound source, including a powerful modulation matrix and a high quality self-oscillating 24/12/6 dB low pass filter.

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Cryologic - Free SoundFont Player & Library

Cryologic – SoundFont Player & SoundFont Library

Cryologic is a soundfont library and a soundfont player very simple and easy to use. The SF-Oscillators allows to layer up to three different sounds with separate controls for level, pan, and octave shift for each osc.

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