VGP - Free Virtual Grand Piano VST Instrument

VGP – Virtual Grand Piano VST Instrument

VGP is a free Virtual Acoustic Grand Piano emulation VST instrument designed to create a realistic instrument sound as close to the original as possible.

The sound is rich and responsive to provide a sense of realism and natural expression to the user. Particular care and attention has been taken in the reproduction of the original realism and touch response and uses full length sampled notes without any loop. This provides a more natural decay of each individual note of the instrument. The Envelope and Pedal sections provide more options and control for shaping the sound to suit the needs of the user.

Four Piano types to provide a range of instrument choice

  • Grand Piano
  • Mellow Piano
  • Bright Piano
  • Tonk Piano

40 presets

64 program settings

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Samsara Cycle Audio / VGP

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