Modern Upright Piano Lite | VST & AU

Modern Upright Piano Lite | VST & AU by RDGAudio

Modern Upright Piano Lite is a free very detailed yet very fast and easy loading sample based plugins for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Modern Upright is a new generation Piano software plugins developed by RDGAudio team. Now you can play your favorite songs right from your PC with just a Midi keyboard. Comes with modern UI. From Rock, Pop, House to modern EDM and Trance, Modern upright piano helps you to make better music in less time.


Features :

  • Mode : Auto Sustain
  • Chromatic Sampling with 2 mic positions
  • Velocity Sensitive : YES
  • Max voice polyphony : 16
  • Volume Knob : YES
  • Panaromic Pan Knob : YES
  • 2 x Level Meters : YES
  • Modern UI with Info Slider (at top left) : YES



Limitations of LITE Version:

  • No Round Robin (RR) Sampling
  • Always Auto Sustain. No Staccato
  • Attack, Decay, Hold, Sustain, Release will not work
  • Virtual Sustain Pedal Knob will not work


Price: Free

Info & Download >> RDGAudio / Modern Upright Piano Lite

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