Cottage Piano Lite | Free VST / Audio Unit Instrument Plugin

Cottage Piano Lite | Free VST / AU Instrument Plugin

Cottage Piano Lite is a free VST and Audio Unit piano instrument plugin. Now you can play your favorite songs right from your PC with just a Midi keyboard. from Rock, Pop, House to modern EDM and Trance, Piano Cottage helps you to make better music in less time.

RDGAudio has designed Lite (which is Free) + 3 additional Cottage Piano models.

Features :

  • Auto Sustain (means you don’t need additional sustain pedal).
  • Velocity sensitive.
  • Very fast and easy to load.
  • Installs very quickly and won’t occupy large disk space.
  • RAM loading algorithm.
  • Volume control.
  • Digital Level meter.



Price: Free

Info & Donwload >> RDGAudio / Cottage Piano Lite

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