Ourafilmes Facebook Free PACK - VST / VSTi / Reaktor Synth / Sample Pack

Ourafilmes Facebook Free PACK – VST/VSTi/Reaktor Synth/Sample Pack

Ourafilmes Facebook Free PACK is an exclusive pack with 19 VST effects, 4 VST synthesizers, Phat Waves (Reaktor synth), the last version of Invictus 1 – version 1.5 (until now an exclusive of the Native Instruments Reaktor Library) and a new and exclusive samplepack by Dr. Speaker Blower! VST plugins and Reaktor stuff. Note that this pack has exclusive creations in both VST (32 bit PC) and Reaktor 5 (PC/MAC) formats and the VSTs were tested on Win XP only (in Ableton Live). Reaktor synthesizers work fine in both PC and Mac.

It Contains:

  • 3 new effects: latest and last vst plugins – M/S EQ, Ranger and Ranger LE.
  • Includes bonus vst effects: Space Verb, Mad Dog Filter, Distorted Flanger, SB-1 FX, SB-2 FX, SB-3 FX, The Ring, Master, Spitfire D-Lay, Phase Distortion (beta), CoP Tape Delay, Stereo to Mono, Tuga Bass Bus, Tuga Distortion, Tuga Eq and Tuga HPF.
  • Includes 4 vst synthesizers: Lusus 2.0, Rufius CoP, the bassliner SB-1 and a biggest and most complex synth, SB-2.
  • Includes Reaktor synths Phat Waves and last update of Invictus 1: the version 1.5!
  • Also includes a huge and exclusive futuristik samplepack with new 24 bit WAV fresh sounds! Don´t miss this!
  • For detailed information about the contents, please check the PDF inside the pack.



VST Effects

  • M/S EQ (multiband M/S processor)
  • Ranger (LPF and HPF filters)
  • Ranger LE (LPF and HPF filters)
  • Master
  • Stereo to Mono
  • Spitfire D-lay
  • The Ring
  • CoP Tape Delay
  • Phase Distortion – beta
  • SB-1 FX
  • SB-2 FX
  • SB-3 FX
  • Space Verb
  • Distorted Flanger
  • Mad Dog Filter
    • Tuga Bass Bus
    • Tuga Distortion
    • Tuga HPF
    • Tuga Eq


VST Synthesizers

  • Rufius CoP (from the “BUILT FOR WAR” Tuga PACK)
  • Lusus 2.0
  • SB-1
  • SB-2


Reaktor Synthesizers

  • Invictus 1.5
  • Phat Waves


Exclusive 24 bit Futuristik Samplepack

  • Bass samples and loops
  • Drum Loops
  • Atmospheres and Pads samples
  • Voices samples
  • Lead and keyboard samples
  • Sound Effects samples


Price: Free

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