midi-shape-shifter - for mapping, generating, and transforming MIDI data

midi-shape-shifter – for mapping, generating, and transforming MIDI data

MIDI Shape Shifter (MSS) is a VST MIDI plugin for mapping, generating and transforming MIDI data. This plugin’s simple and flexible interface is capable of satisfying a wide range of MIDI needs.

For example, MIDI Shape Shifter could be used to :

Apply a velocity curve
Generate an LFO
Create mappings between ranges of MIDI data
Filter out specified MIDI data
Apply midi compression or gate effects
Automatically harmonize notes
Create split/dual keyboard
Control multiple parameters with a single knob

There are 3 main components to the MIDI Shape Shifter interface.


The mapping component allows users to map a given range of MIDI messages to any other range of MIDI messages. MIDI Shape Shifter also has some of its own message types that can be used in mappings. For example, a user could map a CC message to a “Generator Toggle” message which would cause a generator in the application to be toggled on or off when the CC message is received.


This component is essentially used to create highly customizable LFOs. These LFOs can be synced to the tempo of the host or set to repeat at a constant frequency. The shape of each LFO is then specified in the Transformation component.


Each mapping and each generator will have a transformation associated with it. Transformations determine how messages will be modified. For example a transformation could apply a velocity curve to a mapping of note on messages. Transformations can either be manually input or created from one of the presets.


Download >> midi-shape-shifter

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