Mini-Chord - Free Digital Chord Organ VST Instrument

Mini-Chord – Free Chord Organ VST

The Mini-Chord is a free digital chord organ VST instrument inspired by 1970s electric organs which often included a Chord Organ to go along with the traditional keyboard.  Use familiar organ sounds and create brand new ones using the tempo-synced effects.

Mini-Chord main Features:

  • One note plays full chord (4-voices: 1st, 3rd, 5th, and octave/7th; Minor, Major, 7th, and m7th)
  • Different wave options create familiar 60s/70s chord organ tones
  • Custom SynthIV Effects: Auto-Drift and Octivator
  • Stereo output with pan control
  • Volume envelope
  • Keyboard with toggle
  • Beautiful gold frame


  • Auto-Drift: Drifts between 2 voice pairs: 1st and Octave(or 7th), and 3rd and 5th.  Change wave type for smoother/sharper drifting.
  • Octivator: Jumps from the current chord to one octave up, then back
  • Tempo synced (detected from your DAW).  Divisible by beat.
  • Use the effects together to create rhythmic note changes.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> SynthIV / Mini-Chord

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