SuperDrumFX (SDFX) Free VST drum sampler instrument

SuperDrumFX – Free VSTi Drum Sampler

SuperDrumFX (SDFX) is a software free VST drum sampler instrument. The SDFX is freeware and was mainly designed for use with an electronic drum set (e-drum).

Contrary to commercial software solutions, the SDFX tries to reach her goal without the use of massive gigabyte drum librarys. SDFX achieved her goal only through the skillful use of sound shaping techniques on the basis of fewer samples.

The SDFX required for most drum sounds just two sample layer to achieve a natural drum sound. Using your own created drum samples does not become the patience play.

The SDFX is freeware and does not cost anything. The goal is to simulate an acoustic
drum set with electronic means. It also can produce unusual (or unnatural) sounds
because of the way it produces the sounds.

Price: Free

Info & Download >> SuperDrumFX

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