Erzatz - Free Vocoder & Pitch Shifter VST Effect

Erzatz – Vocoder & Pitch Shifter VST Effect

Erzatz is a free VST somewhere between a vocoder and a pitch shifter, Ersatz is a simple effect splitting the signal up to 32 bands and re-generate it as a sinus stack.

Description / Features:


TIME : Presets Transition time (ms)


BANDS : Number of slice
MIN : 1st band frequency (Hz)
MAX : Maximum range(Hz)
WIDTH : Selectivity


LEVEL : Level amount of re-generated sines.
DECAY : maintain the time (ms)
SHIFT : +-100% frequency shift


DW : Dry / Wet
VOLUME : Output Volume

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Novaflash / Erzatz

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