TB Reverb BE - Free Reverb & Room Acoustic Simulatior

TB Reverb BE – Reverb & Room Acoustic Simulatior

TB Reverb BE is a free versatile room acoustic simulation and reverberation algorithm. It simulates any acoustic environment with TB Reverb BE – from small rooms to lush cathedrals –. It provides ample controls to change the simulated room, including frequency-dependent reverberation times, room size and shape, variable warmth and cutoff frequencies, and wall diffusion.


  • Zero-latency processing, allowing for studio and live operation
  • Support of all sampling rates from 11 to 192 kHz
  • Adjustable room size and shape
  • Separate controls for reverberation time and damping character
  • Adjustable wall diffusion
  • Highly optimized code and low CPU load

Price: Free

Info & Download >> ToneBoosters / TB Reverb BE

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