Liquid Verb 2 - Free Modulated Reverb VST Effect

Liquid Verb 2 – Modulated Reverb VST Effect

Liquid Verb is a re-creation of Modulated Reverb found in high end studios. Modulated reverb is a reverb effect seasoned with some (any) form of modulation (e.g., pitch fluctuation, frequency fluctuation, or volume fluctuation). Chorus, Tremolo, Vibrato, or Flange are just a few examples of modulation.

Liquid Verb 2 is designed to inspire experimentation and knob tweaking. If you like Chillout, Ambient, PsyChill, Liquid Dubstep, Deep House, Liquid DnB, and other modern genres of electronic music, you will like Liquid Verb.

128 user presets, Midi automation, Echo, Modulator- Flange type effect

Price: Free

Info & Download >> SonicXTC / Liquid Verb 2

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