EC Reverberator - Free VST reverb plugin effect

EC Reverberator – Reverb VST plugin

EC Reverberator is a simple reverb VST plugin which was created to implement an idea of reverberation from sound source that is moving in a room space. It demonstrates elegant “singing” sound with additional capabilities of stereo expanding and manual output band tuning.

The Reverb VST plugin that is very simple in tuning. Accurate tone shifting scheme with compensation of amplitude frequency characteristic change.

Delay line with 10 to 20 taps to implement first echoes group. Reverb tail implemented by 6 comb-filters with characteristic corrected to all-pass. Tone shifting by dynamic 2-tap filter with corrected characteristic too.

Tested at sample rates from 48 to 192 kHz.
Where is it used

This reverb VST is a final part of 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator.

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Info & Download >> 7amp / EC Reverberator

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