Virtual Sub Woofer | Free VST

Virtual Sub Woofer | Free VST by RDGAudio

Virtual Sub Woofer is a new generation woofer vibration displaying plugins that quickly turns speaker into a sub woofer. World’s first VST that displays real time woofer vibration. Built in mono mode and Open GL Woofer display. No matter what speaker or head phone you are using, Virtual sub woofers helps audio engineers to mix low end properly.


  • World’s First VST that displays real time Woofer vibration
  • Instantly turns your speaker into a Sub Woofer
  • Built in Mono mode to listen low sub end
  • Sub frequency controls
  • Emulated from SYCX Orkuo 12” 8 ohm Woofer
  • Frequency response 32 Hz to 300 Hz (approx)
  • All major DAW Supported
  • Parameters can be automated inside any host
  • Contrast Ratio 1800:1 with Open GL technology
  • VST 32bit
  • Supported OS: Windows 32 or 64 bit
  • Windows XP Sp2 and beyond,Vista,7,8,10.


Price: Free

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