ThrillseekerLA - Stereo Leveling Amplifier VST

ThrillseekerLA – Stereo Leveling Amplifier VST

ThrillseekerLA is a free VST digital stereo leveling amplifier with truly analog qualities.

ThrillseekerLA not only introduces way smooth gain riding capabilities but first and foremost features a non-linear amplifier stage which is based on a non-linearity with memory yielding creamy signal coloration duties:

  • Custom algorithms based on a true stateful non-linear saturation model
  • Compression and load dependent 2nd order harmonic distortion generation
  • Controllable odd order total harmonic distortion generation
  • Six individual preset distortion profiles offering different tonal qualities like warmth and top-end sheen or simply improved depth perception
  • Authentic audio transformer simulation including typical LF distortions as well as frequency and load dependent analog circuit effects


  • Requires Win32 compatible system with SSE2 (or higher) instruction set support
  • Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts
  • Advanced DSP processing
  • Assembler optimized audio engine

Price: Free

Info & Download >> VarietyofSound / ThrillseekerLA

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