Simple Stutter Free VST plugin effect

Simple Stutter Vst Plugin

Simple Stutter is a stuttering vst plugin for PC, which will give you that kool stutter effect used by artitsts like Skrillex/BT & countless others.

Simple Stutter doesn’t freeze the audio buffer but rather samples the incoming audio, then you can change the pitch and speed to your liking. It took several months to perfect the engine driving Simple Stutter

Simple Stutter VST plugin is small & compact and works on single and multi core cpu’s. All controls  except “initial speed” can be automated and controlled via midi.

You can control the pitch of the stuttering up to a massive 10 octaves either way, this allows you to get some pretty wild effects on your audio. All controls except “initial speed” can be automated and controlled via midi.

Simple Stutter also doesn’t use much cpu power.


Info & Download >> jcproductionz / Simple Stutter

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