Filta Crunch - Free VST Effect Plugin

Filta Crunch – VST Effect Plugin

Filta Crunch (FC01) is a re-creation of an insert signal chain used in many studios when tracking drums, instruments or vocals for recording. It consists of a classic Moog type filter, a tube amp drive similar to the ARM 101, and nice straight forward waveshaper with gain, gain squared, and gain cubed respectively.

Just like in the computer world where “garbage in = garbage out,” the same often holds true in the music production world. A lame recording can rarely be saved with post processing.

Filta Crunch is a nice tool to help beef up kicks, add sizzle to a snare, or just add a bit of distortion to allow a vocal to cut through a mix. The waveshaper helps to set the FC01 apart from the pack.  Waveshaping is a popular synthesis-and-transformation technique that turns simple sounds into complex sounds. You can take a pure tone, like a sine wave, and transform it into a harmonically rich sound by changing its shape. A guitar fuzz box is an example of a waveshaper. The unamplified electric guitar sound is fairly close to a sine wave. But the fuzz box amplifies it and gives it sharp corners.


128 user presets, Midi automation, Waveshaper, 2-pole 24db filter, Two channel tube amp drive emulation

Info & Download >> SonicXTC / Filta Crunch

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