DSP-2 - Free Insert Effect for Vocal VST Effect

DSP-2 – Insert Effect for Vocal VST Effect

DSP-2 is a free high precision insert VST effect for vocal processing which includes an Intelligent Dynamic Processor, a saturator, a four band equalizer fixed on vocal key frequencies and a room emulator based on the Schroeder reverberator.

DSP-2 has been designed to be an easy to understand solution for all your vocal processing needs.


  • Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP)
  • Four different automatic operative modes:
  • Selectable compression ratio
  • Saturator with three different operation modes
  • EQ fixed on vocal key frequencies
  • Room emulator based on Schroeder reverb model
  • Transparent increment of the perceived volume level
  • High precision input/output VU-meter
  • Low CPU usage

Price: Free

Info & Download >> MaxSynths / DSP-2

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