EC Limiter II Free VST Limiter Plugin Effect

EC Limiter II

EC Limiter II is a two band special soft limiter VST plugin. This is the second edition of the EC Limiter a free limiter VST plugin with capability of special two-band processing. It can reduce amplitude of one band to the value obtained really from amplitude of another band, or bring one’s levels to another’s.

In this edition interface became cleaner, and bands separation improved with 3-rd order Butterworth filters. The plugin still can act like a standard VST limiter with output level correction when you select both bands for operating.

Besides low and high frequency band’s properties, amplitude detection params like attack, release, cutoff frequency, signal predelay are tunable here.
Where is it used

Previous edition of the EC Limiter is used in 7AMP Experimental Combo Emulator to improve and sustain guitar signal before hot distortion.

This variant of VST limiter is intended to improve dynamics of single instrument or voice, so it’s mono plugin.

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