Songbird | Free modulated vowel / formant filter plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Songbird | Free Modulated Vowel / Formant Filter Plugin

Songbird is a free modulated vowel / formant filter plugin available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Select two vowels and then modulate between them using either the manual slider or the LFO.

There are five vowel sounds and two modulation modes available to choose from. The “freq” modulation mode allows you to modulate a single filter between the two vowels chosen, to create a powerful vocal sound.

The “blend” mode provides a more subtle effect, modulating the mix between two parallel filters.

Songbird is ideal for creating both vocal bass sounds and subtle filter sweeps.



  • Manual or LFO driven modulation
  • 5 vowels to choose from
  • 3 LFO waveforms
  • Dry/wet mix control


Price: Free

Info & Download >> White Elephant Audio / Songbird

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