BoomComb | Free Comb Filter VST plugin

BoomComb | Free Comb Filter VST plugin by Boomplug

BoomComb is a free tuneable comb filter VST plugin. A comb filter a delay based effect where it feeds back a delayed version of itself. Because of this it can create an effect similar to a flanger and can also give resonation type effects. The delay time of the comb is specified in Hz rather than time allowing the delay time to be set via MIDI input from a key press or using the pitch wheel, this allows the effect to be played like an instrument.

In the feedback loop of the effect is a damping filter which allows you to soften the sound of the comb. There is also Saturation in the feedback loop which can also be overdriven to dirty up the sound. You can also control the length of the resonation via the decay control.

Finally the output to the comb can mixed mixed with the input and is controlled by the dry/wet knob.

BoomComb can be used as like a flange like effect or can be used like a resonator with the frequency controlled by midi. It can also be used to create string like sounds via inputting noise in it. Another use is it can be used to add space to a sound and can be useful for spicing up synthetic drum sounds to make them sound a little more interesting.



  • Tuneable Comb Filter controlled via MIDI or knob.
  • Damping Filter in Feedback to reduce the harmonics or resonation
  • Decay control
  • Saturation in feedback loop for dirtying a sound or to be used subtly to add character
  • Custom GUI designed by Leonard “paniq” Ritter
  • Uses custom GUI Framework with 2 builds one using the legacy drawing API and the other using the latest.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Boomplug / BoomComb

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