L3V3LL3R-X3 free VST EQ / Equalizer Audio Plugin Effect

L3V3LL3R-X3 free VST EQ / Equalizer

L3V3LL3R-X3 three band-limited driving a pair of dynamic shelving filters plus a gain stage.

This means that, unlike a conventional multi-band compressor which will introduce constant phase anomalies around the cross-over frequencies, this one only messes with the phase while actually processing the signal.


  • Carefully tuned compressor algorithm which works particularly well on drums
  • Dynamic EQ topology neatly sidesteps phase issues associated with traditional multi-band designs
  • Adjustable “cross-over” frequencies
  • “Solo in Place” listen mode allows bands to be solo’ed with compression still applied.
  • Threshold and Gain knobs have integrated sidechain level and band gain meters respectively
  • Master gain control with integrated input / output gain change metering
  • Optional soft clipping for the output

Price: Free

Info & Dwnload >> Platinumears / L3V3LL3R-X3

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