Fnequalizer Free VST EQ / Equalizer Plugin Effect

Fnequalizer Free VST EQ / Equalizer

Fnequalizer is a free 7-band paragraphic VST friendly neighborhood equalizer with a clean and transparent sound character. User interface designed for quick, easy and versatile mixing work.

  • 5 filter types, bell, high shelf and low shelf, low pass and high pass for bass/treble roll off.
  • Accurate curve UI with a dB axis zoom feature for extra precision.
  • A special “curve scale” feature which amplifies the overall frequency response of all bands.
  • 4 output modes – stereo, mono or left/right channel selection.
  • 10 presets, default preset bank is customizable.
  • CPU-friendly 64 bit SSE processing.

Three different skins, in addition to the default red theme, a blue and a clean minimal variant is available. Possibility for custom skin design.

Price: Free

Info & Dwnload >> Fnequalizer

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