Coloration EQ | Free Equalizer VST Plugin

Coloration EQ | Free Equalizer VST Plugin

Coloration EQ is a free equalizer VST Plugin and an emulation of an analog equalizer with the ability to add tube coloration. Works at all sample rates.

All filters is second-order filters. Button near “Frequency” regulator – ON / OFF button for this filter. “Q” regulator of parametric filters working from wide to narrow band (the widest value corresponds to Q = 1).

For tube coloration use “Tube Coloration” knob ( one of the glitches – when you first start emulation and switching presets distributed small PYK: ().

Possible modes – “Triod” – emulation of a Triod (the dynamic characteristics with low anode voltage of the 12AX7 and 6Н2П tubs was used), “Pentode” – Emulation pentodes (EL84 or 6П14П), “Both” – both – first triode, then pentode. When you turn on “Tube Coloration” “Input” knob can be used as the gain setting to increase the distortion, or to reduce them.

There is mono and stereo versions with presets (20 for the stereo version, including presets for mastering). Automation work on all controls.

Ctrl + left mouse button – return knob to its original state.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> QS&BA / Coloration EQ

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