EddieVsHeaven - Free VST Distortion Plugin Effect

EddieVsHeaven – Distortion

EddieVsHeaven is a freetortion plugin for guitarists. EddieVsHeaven contains a complete guitar rig in a stompbox form. There’s no need for additional plugin just plug your guitar into your soundcard and start rocking.

Features :

  •     Stompbox design
  •     Level, Drive, Low, Mid and High controls
  •     Built-in Distortion, Amp and Cabinet and Effect Simulation
  •     Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available for Windows Xp, Vista and 7
  •     64 bit internal processing resolution
  •     Low CPU usage
  •     Easy to use


The Controls :

  •     Level – Set the overall volume of the unit
  •     Drive – Set the amount of distortion.
  •     Low – Set the Bass
  •     Mid – Set the Middle frequency
  •     High – Adjust Treble Content


Info & Download >> auraplug / EddieVsHeaven

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