Disto::Fx - Free Distortion VST Effect Plugin

Disto::Fx – Distortion VST Effect Plugin

Disto::Fx (Dirty Sound Destructor) is a free windows host based VST multi-fx with filter/ring modulator/distortion/phaser/EQ and Input-Output control units.

It is aimed at hard electronic music like hardcore, gabber, drum&bass and Dubstep, but it also gives your guitar tracks and synthlines an interesting, crispy sound.


  • 8 filters with controllable cutoff and resonance
  • Ring Modulator (0-2000Hz)/Phaser
  • 35 distortion curves + Bit Crusher/Sample Rate Converter/Gate controls
  • 3 band EQ and final stage high/low pass filter (dump/expand control)
  • Input volume, saturation and DC offset + Output volume, saturation and max. indicator
  • 60 presets

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Distocore / Disto::Fx

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