Carve - Free VST, VST3, AudioUnit Wave Shaping Distortion Plugin

Carve – Free VST, VST3, AudioUnit Wave Shaping Distortion Plugin

Carve is a free VST, VST3, AudioUnit wave shaping distortion plugin with several available waveforms and two distortion units, which can be configured in serial, parallel, or stereo, and then blended with the dry sound.

Each distortion unit offers the same controls: waveform, gain, volume, and tweak. The behavior of the tweak dial depends on the chosen waveform, and offers a wider range of sounds from a single wave by manipulating parameters unique to the chosen wave.

Install instructions and plugins for all supported platforms are included in the download.

Feature Summary:

  • Two independent distortion units
  • Independent gain, volume, tweak controls for each distortion unit
  • Serial and parallel signal paths
  • Master volume and dry blend
  • 6 wave shapes
  • Independent left and right channel processing

There are five available wave types:

  • Sine – very well behaved and versatile, one of the most popular waves for wave shaping
  • Parabolic Soft
  • Parabolic Hard – these two parabolics offer more or less aggressive variants of the popular parabolic wave
  • Asymmetric Sine – similar to the standard sine but with a thinner sound
  • Exponent – by far the most aggressive, particularly good on synth basses. At full gain the tweak dial can take this from huge saturated distortion to buzzy/glitchy
  • Hard Clipper – Hard clipping distortion with a soft knee, based on a square wave


Price: Free

Info & Download >> White Elephant Audio / Carve

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