Quilcom Snake | Multi-Tap Delay VST

Quilcom Snake | Multi-Tap Delay VST by Rex Basterfield

Quilcom Snake is a free VST plugin based around a multi-tap delay system. There are 2 identical 5 stage delay lines, 1 for left and 1 for right channels. The 5 delay stages are connected in series.

Each delay stage can be adjusted for delay time, internal feedback and send level. The send is to the left or right output. In its simplest usage the send taps can be set for 5 repeats at any levels.

Below each stage there is a feedback knob which controls feedback to the chain’s input. The left-most knob controls feedback from the opposing channel. In this way you can set the whole snake to be a single delay up to 20 seconds long.

In the lower left of the front panel is a useful SET ALL area. This is provided to allow for fast setting or resetting of all similar knobs. When any of the fast setting knobs are moved all the corresponding knobs will be adjusted. This can be handy if you want to set left and right to the same adjustments.

There are 2 LFOs provided for modulating the adjusted delay times and each has a send level output to either left or right delay chains (all 5 stages are modulated).

Finally, at the bottom, you can set input levels, stereo width, dry/wet balance and output volume with a vu bar graph meter and a clip-hold LED.

You might find the KILL button useful if you get uncontrolled feedback or maybe even use it live to terminate a repeat.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> Rex Basterfield / Quilcom Snake

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