IxoxDelay - Free VST Quadruple echo delay Plugin Effect

IxoxDelay – Quadruple echo delay

– SSE optimized so a SSE CPU is required (Athlon XP, pentium 3 and 4)
– 100% SSE so no denormalisation problem and very low CPU usage.
– All sample rates are OK
– 3 stereo outputs
– the input signal can be merged with the delays.
– from 1/64 to 3 beats of delay… Tempo from 48 to 999…

– Each delay has :
. the signal does no depend on the pan of the input
. EQ low pass and high pass
. Saturation per delay
. type: multiple or single echo
. input can be the main input or one of the previous delays
(input is taken from an other delay before saturation, EQ and volume)


Info & Download >> xhosxe / IxoxDelay

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