fa FractionalDelay free VST delay plugin effect

FractionalDelay free VST

fa FractionalDelay is a completely free phase alignment and time manipulation VST effect plugin. It uses an oversampling and interpolation algorithm to apply signal delays with a precision of 0.000001 Samples.

With this possibillity it does phase aligments between microphone signals even with varying microphone or sound source distances during the recording. It gives you the ability to improve your postproduction of live/studio recordings when moving musicians or microphones can complicate phase relations. In that case, use your DAW automation to smoothly fade between single delay amounts.

Nevertheless, with a correct DAW routing and multiple instances of fa FractionalDelay, you can also apply stereo effects like moving haas delays, create colorful filter textures like a moving comb filter (similar to a really slow phaser effect) or do manual artifical double tracking with varying delays.

The plugin user interface is specially designed to quickly find and compare the right delay value. Therefore, you’re able to determine the applied delay in samples, milliseconds, meter and foot. For quick setting comparisons use the A/B Switch and if you want to have fine adjustments the Min-Max-Editfields let you change the control range of the delay knob.

Remember: This is NOT a regular delay effect with several duplicates of an original signal. It’s a phase alignment tool which also needs to be applied on different tracks with an existing phase relation. If you apply it to a mixdown or on tracks without phase relation you will hear NO AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE.

  • Signal delaying with a precision of 0.000001 Samples (Maximum of 100,000 Samples)
  • Phase alignment of varying microphone distances via DAW automation
  • Oversampling with 2x-8x
  • A/B comparisons
  • Enter delay values in samples, ms, meter & foot
  • Editable Min-Max-Values of the Delayknob
  • Unique flexible user interface
  • Available as VST 2 for Windows (VST/AU for Mac currently in development)

Info & Download >> Forward Audio / fa FractionalDelay

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