MBprocess - Free Multiband Compressor VST Plugin

MBprocess – Free Multiband Compressor VST

MBprocess is a free VST plugin that can deliver variety of sounds, from clean to high density. MBprocess has been developed to be simple to use, without sacrificing quality.


  • 2 bands Automatic Gain Control
  • bands stereo dynamic expander
  • 5 bands compressors
  • Gain gate on AGC and compressors
  • 5 bands limiters
  • Limiter
  • Brickwall final stage
  • Audio scope – out signal monitoring

MBprocess can be used in mixing, mastering, radio, TV, broadcasting. Others applications: When it is necessary to maintain a constant sound level, like podcasts, mixtapes, or from differents sources in a PC. You can use it as a VST plugin (32 bits), as a standalone software (ASIO drivers inputs/outputs), as an insert in your windows sound (with Voicemeeter Banana and a virtual cable).

Price: Free

Info & Download >> Horn Plans / MBprocess

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