Vice One - Free VST/AU Compressor

Vice One – FREE VST/AU Compressor by Initial Audio

Vice One is a virtual analog style compressor, inspired by old hardware tube compressors. It is not modelled on any particular analog compressor, but rather it is our own unique design.

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MAX1 - Auto-Compressor & Maximizer VST, AU, AAX Plugin

MAX1 – Auto-Compressor & Maximizer VST, AU, AAX Plugin by beatskillz

MAX1 is a free plugin in VST / AU / AAX – 64bit /32 Bit formats by beatskillz. Don’t know how to compress or are a pro at compression? Then this plugin is for you. This is an automatic compressor with “intelligent” and variable release time and ratio settings.

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SL63x | Free Compressor Limiter VST Plugin

SL63x | Free Compressor VST Plugin

Influenced by the one of the simplest compressors known to man, the SL63x provides quick compression with only a slide of a fader. Since the compression is program dependent, developer added a Input knob for gain staging the audio level into the compressor, which in turn effects how the compressors works.

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HBC-5 - Free Compressor Plugin

HBC-5 – Free Compressor Plugin

HBC-5 is a free 5.1 channel compatible compressor plugin. It uses both peak and RMS detection simultaneously, which produces a pleasing sound characteristics. HBC-2 is a stereo version of the HBC-5. HBC-2 also has an additional M-S processing capability.

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