Chorus ch-2 Free VST Plugin Effect

Chorus ch-2

Chorus ch-2 is a chorus effect with a high-quality modulation engine with an original graphical interface.

Chorus CH-2 allows full parameter tuning. You can achieve a wide range of effects, from the classic to the odd ones, simply playing with the XY screen and dragging a voice, or a group of voices.

You can both drag a single voice by clicking on it and dragging, or select a group of voices. This can be made in two ways: you can use the Vox select buttons or ctrl-click the voices you want to move.

The user can choose the number of voices to be generated by the modulation engine. Each wet voice is represented in the XY screen in relation to the currently selected couple of parameters.


There are four sets of automatizable parameters :

Pan and Volume

By positioning the voices in the screen, you actually place the single voices in the stereo field and assign them a certain volume. In this panel you can act on the dry signal, too.

Delay and Shape

The initial delay controls the amount of time every generated voice is delayed by, respect to the dry signal. The shape tells what curve is being used by the LFO to modulate a particular voice.

Depth and Rate

The depth parameter controls how much a voice is modulated by the LFO, while the rate parameter tells how fast the modulation occurs. These two parameters are strictly related each other: you can play with the XY screen and automate interesting bi-dimensional transitions.

Phase Control

Every voice has two kinds of phase parameters which can be controlled by the LFO. The voice phase controls the amount of time shifting in the modulation curve, and affects the relationship between the wet voices.
The stereo phase permits to change the modulation phase between the stereo channels of a single voice, in order to control the width of the effect.


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