Tube Amp Ultra 530 - Free VST / AU studio Preamp plug-in

Tube Amp Ultra 530 – VST / AU studio Preamp plug-in

Tube Amp Ultra 530 is a free VST / AU plug-in (briefly U530) for PC/Mac based on the popular sound studio preamp ENGL® E530, having a wide range of tone. On this basis, you can customize the sound of the powerful hi-gain to bright crunch and crystal clean tone.

No waveshapers, and EQ. It uses only clean solution of nonlinear differential equations for the most realistic simulation.

Tube Amp Ultra 530 (U530) is full circuit simulation of E530 preamp. Furthermore, the U530 has additional features. Simulation of three 12ax7 dual triode models. From old RCA triode to fresh RSD. Allowed processing samplerates at 44.1 48 88.2 96 Khz. Two computing engines make same things but in different way. Fast computing engine based on usage Artificial Neural Networks to approximate nonlinearity of solution nonlinear differential equations. Precision computing engine – for just-in-time solution of nonlinear differential equation at circuit simulation.

Price: Paid and Free version

Info & Download >> Mercuriall / Tube Amp Ultra 530

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