Retron | Free mono tube amp VST

Retron | Free mono tube amp VST by JC Productionz

Retron is a free mono tube amp plugin designed to add light to heavy tonal colouring & light/medium distortion to your audio. Retron is designed to give that old sound to anything it processes, and features effects including a phaser, delay with analog filter, fuzz module and a built-in nonadjustable compressor. The main filtering in Retron is an 8 stage lowpass filter, and there’s also a dedicated filter for the delay/echo effect with a choice of formpass, phatpass and lowpass.



  • Light – medium distortion
  • 8 stage filter
  • Clip bias & gain control of the tube amp
  • Delay/echo with dedicated filtering
  • Tone slider for quick adjustment
  • Fuzz module
  • Two distinct distortion modes

Retron produces your normal clipping distorion & features adjustable tube saturation(clip), bias and gain. In addition to that the tube amp feature’s a kink option which gives a central dead zone that is similar to the crossover distortion created from an underpowered tube push pull output stage. This effect is really different to normal distortion, as the sound will just fizzle out.

One of the cool features in Retron is a tone slider which gives you extensive control over the sound, within the Retron circuit the tone slider has access to & controls a number of parameters at once, most of which are not available on the interface to adjust separately. In a basic sense the tone slider will control treble and bass, but with other elements of the sound also being changed. It has a custom circuit which has been optimized for lower CPU usage, which makes it useful to be used in multiple instances in a project.

It is suitable for both stereo & mono tracks, but running audio that is too hot into Retron will overload the plugin so make sure your signal chain is not going into the red before going into Retron.


Price: Free

Info & Download >> JC Productionz / Retron

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