Traverso - Free audio recording & editing tool

Traverso – Free audio recording & editing tool

Traverso DAW is a free multitrack audio recording and editing program which is very well suited to record a single voice, a band, an ensemble, a whole orchestra or any other source of music !

Traverso runs on the 3 most popular operating systems, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


Clean and concise interface

Instead of using menus, submenus, and yet more submenus, all actions in Traverso can be performed quickly by using the mouse and keyboard together. (Though most actions can be done by use of a menu, so you can learn them by using the menu first, and then use the keyboard action!)

Non-destructive editing

When applying filters (like LV2 plugins) or changing volume and panning, the audio sources and recordings are left in their original state. Filters are applied while playing or exporting.

Virtually unlimited track count

Traverso is a Multitrack Audio Recorder, and let’s you create any number of Track’s you want. Track’s support one or two channels, and any number of Audio Clips, either mono or stereo

Unlimited un/redo

Also known as the “History”, Traverso will let you un/redo all the actions that change the sound of your project.

Playback and Record in the file format of your choice

Playback 16/24/32 bit’s audio at any samplerate, and any of the audio formats supported by libsndfile, FLAC, OGG, mp3 and WavPack
Record into WAV, WavPack (compressed lossless format) or WAV64, it’s possible to record to any of the supported file formats, including ogg and FLAC, but currently not enabled, please let us know if you want to record to those formats as well!

On the fly samplerate conversion

Samplerate transparent operation let you use files with different samplerates in your project. No need to convert your audio files to the sample rate in use by your audio card !

Multiple Driver Backends

There’s full support for ALSA, Jack (including transport control) and PortAudio.

Lockless realtime audio processing

To assure smooth non interupted recording/playback of the audio, Traverso uses a (soft) Realtime audio processing Thread without mutual exclusion primitives.
Audio read/writes are done via lockless ringbuffers providing an optimal process execution path, guaranteeing high performance low latency operation !

CD TOC creation, integrated CD Burning

With the CD Markers and Marker Dialog one can create a CD table of contents, and use the integrated CD Burning facility to Burn CD’s straight from Traverso !

Functions you need for recording and editing audio

These include easy AudioClip moving, edge setting, splitting, mute, (de)normalize, gain, copy, fade in/out, and so on …
Track’s can select from the available Buses, either supplied by Jack, PortAudio or directly from the ALSA driver, mute, solo here as well, direct import of Audio Sources, a cool “Solo listen Track” key command, which automatically mutes all other Track’s on key press, and resets on key release, and more.
Advanced Shuttle tool and work cursor moving, snap to work cursor/Sheet start/etc and a very fast and cool Zoom function !

Price: Free

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