ScoreDate learn music reading software

ScoreDate – Learn music reading software

ScoreDate is a free, open source software that helps musicians to learn music reading.
It is suitable for any skill, from beginners to professional users. From slow training to first sight reading.

ScoreDate supports many helpful features for musicians willing to exercise on music reading.
Here’s some of the major:

  •     Notes in line exercise
  •     Chords, intervals and accidentals exercise
  •     Rhythms exercise
  •     Score reading exercise
  •     Ear training exercise with 4 levels of difficulty
  •     Statistics with monthly and daily view
  •     Exercises editor. Users can create, save, modify and play exercises very easily
  •     Supports of 4 clefs: Violin, Bass, Alto, Tenor, with a maximum of 2 at the same time
  •     Supports of notes: Whole, half, dotted half, quarter, dotted quarter, eighth, triplets, pauses
  •     Selection of the notes range for each clef. Maximum of 4 additional lines above and below the staff
  •     Virtual piano, to exercise without having external devices
  •     Learning mode, that shows the name of the note or the chord displayed on the staff
  •     Real time playback through Fluidsynth
  •     Custom sound banks load in SoundFont 2 format (.SF2)
  •     Translated in 15 languages

More info & download >> ScoreDate

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