MuseScore 2 - Free Music Composition & Notation

MuseScore 2 – Free Music Composition & Notation

MuseScore 2 is a major improvement of the free music composition & notation software MuseScore 1. If you liked MuseScore 1 you will love MuseScore 2. You get a beautiful new interface with improved playback and score layout. Features including support for guitar tabs, continuous view and linked parts.

MuseScore 2 retains the same basic easy-to-use interface as previous releases, but with a number of significant improvements, including a brand new Start Center to simplify score browsing and creation, an Inspector window to provide easy access to properties of individual notes and other elements, and customizable palettes to allow you to group your most commonly-used score symbols together.

Powerful new editing tools

New notation styles and elements

Improved layout

Improved playback

Import and export improvements

In addition to greatly improved MusicXML and MIDI import and export, MuseScore 2 can now import Guitar Pro files, giving you access to the many scores available online in that format.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Linked parts
  • Tablature
  • Continuous view
  • Dynamic text style
  • Flexible chord symbols
  • Fret diagrams
  • Layout improvements
  • Playback improvements
  • MIDI import improvements
  • Usability improvements

Price: Free

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