as_SonoGx2 - Stereo sonogram

as_SonoGx2 – Stereo sonogram

display magnitude precisely like a spectroscope,

have fixed overlap,

have log frequency response and/or dense frequency resolution,

be the best sonogram ever

Its main purposes are:

to show the two audio signals “one on one”
to make it uber visible when the two signals don’t match
to scroll fast


Two-channel sonogram, FFT size of 512, displayed as 257 pixels vertically
Linear frequency scale
Selectable display modes
Selectable window type
Frequency (Y) marker (right-click) – shows the frequency of the highlighted bin
Time markers (X) – can be used to measure time durations on screen
Freeze function (left-click to toggle) – freezes the sonogram
Scroll (on/off)
Speed – sets the rate at which the sonogram “samples” (applies FFT) 100 to 2000 Hz
Gain – adjusts the gain for the sonogram display
Offset – shifts (delays) one of the channels on the display


Download >> as_SonoGx2

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