VST plugins

Retrox | Free ROMpler instrument with 80’s sounds by BeatMaker

Retrox | Free ROMpler instrument with 80's sounds

Retrox is a free ROMpler instrument based on 80’s sounds with a simple and direct interface. Retrox includes 13 original sounds created with analog equipment and you have several basic controls like ADSR (now 100% functional) HP/LP Filter or Reverb.

Disco Polo | Free VST Synthesizer by Infected-Sounds

Disco Polo | Free VST Synthesizer

Disco polo is a very powerful free VST synthesizer made for all kind of music styles, but most for disco music as it says “Disco Polo”. This synth was made for some typical kind of sounds to genre the most powerful sounds. Disco polo can make fat basslines such as leads, plucks and many more.

Retron | Free mono tube amp VST by JC Productionz

Retron | Free mono tube amp VST

Retron is a free mono tube amp plugin designed to add light to heavy tonal colouring & light/medium distortion to your audio. Retron is designed to give that old sound to anything it processes, and features effects including a phaser, delay with analog filter, fuzz module and a built-in nonadjustable compressor. The main filtering in […]

Xpand 2 | Multitimbral Workstation Free for a limited time

Xpand 2 | Multitimbral Workstation

Air Music Technology and DontCrack are pleased to offer you Xpand!2 absolutely FREE of Charge for a limited time (reg. $69.99). Yes, the original and the best Multitimbral Workstation Software ever created can be yours.