Dance Vocals Vol. 1 | Sample Pack [Free]

Dance Vocals Vol.1 | Sample Pack Soundkore [free]

Dance Vocals Vol.1 is a free sample pack from Soundkore. Having the right vocal hook can make the difference between a good or great production. Whether it’s the last phrase before your drop, a vocal hook, or a chopped up vocal loop, with 18 unique toplines recorded there is bound to be a vocal gem […]

Free Dubstep Sample Pack #5

Free Dubstep Sample Pack #5

Dubstep Sample Pack No. 5 is a free full sample pack releases. This one is packed with 79 handcrafted one-shot sounds and loops. Thus, compared to the earlier releases from GhostHack number five has a focus on single (drum) sounds like Bassdrums, Snares, Percussions and Basslines.